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delicious chocolate

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Below 80°C a change in temperature solely has restricted effect on the useful properties of MCC, meaning that cooling and storage temperature is much less crucial when MCC is used. Consequently, MCC primarily based products are beneficial when cooling below 25°C just isn’t relevant or if the storage temperature is greater than 30°C which is often the case in eg. South East Asia and the Middle East. MCC based products usually gives more body and creaminess to the milk drink, which could be one more reason for recommending a MCC based solution.

Underdosing means sedimentation in the chocolate milk and overdosing leads to heavy physique and gelation. When working with carrageenan one needs to be very cautious because the margin between underdosing and overdosing is very narrow. This is due to the truth that the mono- and diglycerides kind a network between the fats globules and the whey proteins.

The strength of the network is depending on the diploma of alkalisation of the cocoa powder. Cocoa powder contains polyhydroxyphenols, which throughout alkalisation polymerise to tannins identified for its protein binding properties. During heating to sterilizing or UHT-temperatures the whey proteins denaturate and become less soluble. This causes additional agglomeration of the proteins with the cocoa powder and fat. The dosage of the stabiliser is very crucial.

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delicious chocolate

Our merchandise for chocolate milk ensure uniform products with good creaminess and mouth feel and excessive storage stability. An instance of a carrageenan based mostly product for chocolate milk is Palsgaard® ChoMilk one hundred fifty composed of mono- and diglycerides, carrageenan and guar gum. Palsgaard® ChoMilk 150 leads to a uniform chocolate milk with a pleasing creaminess and mouth-feel. If it is tough to cool down the product under 25°C after the manufacturing or if the storage temperature of the product is above 30°C, Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173 is relevant.

Our equipment enables us to work with as nicely pasteurized, UHT-handled as sterilized products and to make shelf-life research covering the whole shelf-life of the chocolate milk. The cocoa particles additionally strengthen the community formation, as casein is adsorbed to cocoa particles. This adsorption takes place almost instantly when milk and cocoa powder are blended.

Palsgaard® ChoMilk 173 is said MCC, mono- and diglycerides, carrageenan and CMC. For a few years, Palsgaard has supplied the dairy trade with top quality emulsifiers and stabilisers.